Get Engaged with Real Climate Action!

Ecolodgy offers organisations, schools and individuals an amazing level of options to engage with our site and social and environmental impact projects.

Remotely, your organisation can choose to participate in message boards, social media updates, video chats and all the way up to hands-on project stays in our site near Blantyre. For your stakeholders, our content creation team have great experience building image packages, videos, and audio on-site so we can help bring the project closer for your students, employees or customers to really participate. 

We also invite organisations to get involved with the site itself with architecture and design projects for a resilient climate. The community networks and outreach projects also offer a chance for real world trials and studies for environmental and social impact projects.

How Does this Work?

We have a variety of resources to help companies, schools and individuals get involved in the community projects we are running.  We can interact remotely and also host visits and stays for all ages. Our team of development professionals can also help implement projects, feasibility studies and impact businesses in Africa.

We can also set up various levels of engagement with the schools, farmers and communities in Malawi. Contact us if you would like to help us build something better and experience environmental action being delivered where it matters most!

For Young Students

Kids of all ages are central to the process of positive change. The site at Ecolodgy is designed around making green education safe and fun. We regularly host groups of local schools and a upcycled play park and natural splash pool is a big attraction. A variety of modern and traditionally-built classrooms set amongst various smart environmental features allow exploration of how space affects the earth. The site itself is a haven for wildlife and there are various petting animals and experiential growing projects. The kids also get the chance to eat what they grow!

For Volunteers and Experiential Travellers

Ecolodgy has a long history of hosting active volunteers with a variety of accommodation on site allowing individuals or groups to experience and contribute to a better way of living. There are various roles and education programs with the local community as well as novel and experimental building projects. Health and wellness of the individual as well as the environment is a key tenet of the permaculture philosophy. As well as a bar, cafe and the lovely natural features of the site – many volunteers experience significant benefits from farm to table eating and living closer to nature.

For Universities and NGOs

We have worked in collaboration with universities around to world to explore better ways of building, living and working. We have a variety of resources both in the site, our team and the networks of farmers, plantations and communities in Africa. We hope to be able to contribute to research and studies in permaculture, water management, smart construction, climate resilience and responsible trade. See some of our active projects to get an idea of what are currently working on.

For Your Customers and Employees

To help with engagement for your stakeholders we can build a project page on our site as well as on social media. We also have a content creation team to ensure regular updates and ensure your employees, students, staff or customers feel involved in your projects.

For marketing collateral, tokens of thanks, and project awareness, we have partnered with Teals Prairie in the UK and the USA to help build and distribute environmentally-friendly custom tokens of support. They offer discounted sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, free design support and at-cost fulfilment global fulfilment for any sponsorship gifting. See simple example of a simple company sponsorship page here.