Kitchen Garden and Tree Planting Project

This project delivers sustainability training within schools in Malawi for school age children. Educating the next generation on alternative ways of farming, cooking and engaging with wildlife is the best strategy for a sustainable future. The course recognises that children do not need statistics but inspiration and reasoning to preserve their landscape. This hands-on class involves demonstrations of ecological interdependence,  constructing a rainwater harvesting tool and playing with insects.

How does this help?

Farming on smallholdings is the primary occupation for 80% of the population in Malawi, and as one of the most economically challenged countries in the world, it is typically the only career choice. In practice this means growing tobacco or tomatoes and selling through middle men for further processing. This high density of monoculture has contributed to a significant loss of biodiversity. This, combined with the severe impact of felling trees for firewood has devastated the ecological landscape in Malawi. It has proven difficult to change practices for the older generations but there is an opportunity for change in the next generation.

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