Viri-Safe Mask & Surface Spray, Liquid, 1 l refill into your own plastic or glass bottle


  • Sick of sanitisers that leak in your hand bag? Get watery when left in the sun too long? Dry out your hands? Smell like you’ve spilt vodka all over yourself?
  • Virisafe is a lemon eucalyptus fragrant, natural, aniti-viral sanitiser that has a PMD active ingredient
  • 75% alcohol base and locally grown and produced hemp seed oil to leave your hands nourished
  • Malawi made, tested in the UK
  • *Verified to fight the lipid-layer of viruses including COVID19 for 2+ hours*
  • This is a lighter oil in a 125ml spray bottle. Also available in gel form in 100ml flipcap bottle.

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Why Purchase Virisafe?

Kawandama Hills Plantation on the Viphya Plateau is working with its UK partners to get PMD back to Africa to help fight COVID19. While alcohol-based sanitisers have an instant effect, anyone can get immediately reinfected as soon as a virus makes contact with that user. With its PMD active ingredient, Virisafe provides a unique special element that gives lasting protection.

In 2004, at the outbreak of SARS 1 virus, trials were successfully done to show PMD has an effective residual ingredient that provides a lasting anti-viral effect. It does this by attacking the lipid envelope of certain viruses. These included the family of Coronavirus’ and was shown to be effective against SARS 1 and also flu. 

Proven to be effective, safe and non-toxic, even the UK Ministry of Defense have procured thousands of PMD-based product to help their troops on the front line of the world’s current coronavirus fight. 

PMD competes well with other effective virucides and results from recent Coronavirus’ tests show a very good anti-viral effect.


PMD is a natural active ingredient mainly used in natural insect repellents, such as Mosiguard. Produced in the United Kingdom by Citrefine,our PMD is made from essential oils extracted from the leaves of the Corymbia citriodora  (a lemon-scented eucalyptus tree) that we grow in Malawi on our 6,500-hectare Kawandama Hills Plantation. After undergoing a distillation and refinement process the p-Menthane 3,8 diol is made. 

PMD has anti-bacterial properties, and proven virucide action – this means it deactivates and destroys viruses. Mixed together with an alcohol base, it is a powerful sanitiser. Spraying it onto masks, clothing and surfaces can help reduce spread and provide an extra protective barrier of protection against viruses – including COVID19.

People have known for centuries that eucalyptus has healing properties. And now ,we also have toxicological data from the European Biocide Directive that shows PMD to be an effective, natural, safe and non-toxic product. At 65-75% ethyl-alcohol base, Virisafe is also well above the 60% international standard for sanitising products. Virisafe’s raw material is sourced in Malawi and is of 97% purity. 

We specialise in high quality products that are Malawian made and owned. 

Kawandama Hills Plantation is a Malawian essential oil company. We have planted millions of Corymbia citriodora trees on our 6,500 hectare estate in Viphya, Northern Malawi. Our essential oils are exported to the United Kingdom for refining into PMD for use in natural insect repellents and now we are expanding into our own unique brand of effective and natural sanitising products.

Our plantation has its own fully irrigated nursery, citrus oil distillation plant and housing complex for our incredible 150-strong workforce. We also maintain a sustainable charcoal production facility having been grated the first legal license in Malawi. We are dedicated to tree planting and conservation.

Virisafe buys the majority of its inputs from Malawian companies, such as bottles, labels and raw materials. We are proud to support local industry.

Kawandama Hills Plantation is a proudly Malawian company. With our UK ties, we’re working hard for Virisafe to be available for Malawians and throughout the Africa region to play our part in fighting this pandemic.


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