Sugar-free Almond Yoghurt Cake (Keto, GF, NF) with stevia & xylitol


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  • Freshly baked, yummy AND nutritious cakes
  • Weekly variations to keep your taste buds excited
  • We use mainly unrefined, freshly ground flours and whole grains wherever possible
  • We only use raw organic honey and raw cane sugar instead of refined sugars
  • We only use fine and healthy oils and fats like canola, olive, sesame and coconut – not sunflower oil and other highly processed oils
  • We add digestion-friendly seeds and/or spices to our products to give your body a “wholesome package”
  • Wherever possible, ingredients areĀ  from own production or other trusted organic producers, and as locally sourced as we can get
  • (Ingredients vary according to seasonal fruit & veg availability)


  • For whole cakes, we are also happy to make your favorite type from our selection on special order


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