Seasonal Veggie Basket, Basic with Fruit Mix


  • S Basket is usually good for 1-2 person household where veggies are mainly used as a side dish
  • A weekly varied mix of “all-time staples” and speciality vegetables
  • Freshly harvested and responsibly grown local produce – sourced mainly from the ecoLODGy farm (fully organic), partly from our associated trained organic community farmers (organic plots, or from land in conversion from conventional farming) and other local farmers.
  • Available in S, M and L sizes and with or without fruit option
  • Fruits option brings you a selection of local and imported varieties


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Mix of the week, usually bought by 1-2 person households where veggies are mainly used as a side dish

An example for an S Veg & Fruit basket (type and quantity of vegetables and fruits may vary):

Roughly 500g each of carrots, tomatoes, eggplants or zucchini or squash/pumpkin, cucumber, root vegetables like radishes/turnips/beets/rutabaga/sweet potatoes etc.; a head lettuce or 2-3 varieties of cutting lettuce; small cauliflower or broccoli; selection of leaf vegetables for cooking or salads (may include e.g. swiss chards, namenia, rape and kale varieties, beetroot or radish leaves, wasabino, …); a mixed kitchen herb bundle; little surprise of the week (may be edible flowers, chillie mix, special herbs, cherry tomatoes, a more uncommon veg or fruit for testing,…)

Fruits: 1 pineapple OR 1 Papaya OR 1 Orange, 1-2 apples and/or pears (depending on size), 1-2 passion fruits, 2-3 bananas, 1-2 tangerines or prickly pears or other

Product notes: Wash, peel or boil before consumption.