Re-Usable Beeswax Clingwrap, Size M


  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces toxins getting into your food
  • Is just COOL
  • Lots of beautiful patterns available

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Our lovingly handmade plastic-free “clingwrap alternative” to keep your sndwiches, veggies, jars, mugsm drinking glasses, leftover plates, casseroles, etc. fresh, insect- and dust-free – inside or out of the fridge. Simply wrap over the opening and press together firmly, it sticks together to create a protective seal over your tasty goodies, without any leaching of toxins from plastics and without any creation of unnecessary waste!

Juts rinse of with cold or warm (not HOT please as you dont want to melt the wax:) soapy water, let dry off and reuse again, again and again… while being reminded of the bees wonderful service to humankind every time you smell the natural, certified organic beeswax.

Once the way layer (after many, many, many uses if used as intended:) starts wearing off a bit, bring it to us and we can reapply a layer and resin seal – or have fun by getting yourself a DIY repair kit and doing it at home as a sustainable family project.

When ordering this product, you will be sent a selection of our current patterns to chose from.

This product is available in sizes S (cup/mug/jar/small bowl), M (medium bowl or small plates), L (casseroles, cake tins etc), L wide / large oval casseroles, serving trays etc) and as a Set with sizes S,M,L.

We can also make customized sizes for you on order.