Hilde’s Most Amazing Flour-Less Nut-Seed-Bread Snack Loaf, 400g Snack loaf


  • Probably the healthiest bread ever eaten? 🙂
  • Half loaf / around 400g
  • Perfect for breakfast, as a (party) snack with spreads, pesto, raw or roast veggies…
  • Keeps fresh for long if refrigerated (if you can really manage not to finish it the first day…)
  • Also available in full flower shape or as a party tart shape (750-800g loaf)

In stock (can be backordered)

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Pure delight from healthy seeds and nuts and oats. Satisfying your tummy, good for digestion, full of healthy natural oils, minerals and protein. Free from grain flours. Contains oats, which may have traces of gluten if harvested or processed in an environment with other gluten products. We are happy to make yours specifically with GF oats if wished, please contact us for this.
Keeps very well in fridge and freezer.