Delivering Knowledge

Learning with Nature

Our team operates a variety of in-house and outreach training programmes and events for guests, schools, farms and the local community related to Organic Farming, Climate Smart Agriculture, Permaculture and Agroforestry, Sustainable Construction Materials & Methods.

We also offer event hosting, co-facilitation or fully supported delivery of training including staffing, accommodation and hospitality. Please whatsapp us on 0997 880 880 or email us for more information.

Organic Farming

Organic Farming is the art of undertaking agricultural production in harmony with nature and not by suppressing or working against it, by utilizing low-impact methods and only natural, non-synthetic resources for fostering natural productivity, taste and nutrient content. In the local context, we explore and disseminate affordable and efficient techniques for organic farming that have largely been lost in the pursuit of industrial agriculture.

Since April 2017, we have been running a number of outreach programmes in neighbouring communities through long-term farmers training and marketing support for subsistence farming families interested in switching from conventional agriculture to sustainable organic agroforestry.

Our most popular contents in this learning area include practical organic farming, practical agroforestry, water harvesting and low-cost-irrigation methods, natural nutrient and pest control solutions.


Agroforestry  is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are planted around or between crops or pastures. This deliberate combination of agriculture and forestry has multiple advantages including increased biodiversity, decreased erosion, a wider and year-round nutrition base and better general resilience of farms against severe climate impacts. We also always integrate crops like pigeon peas as well as bamboo that can dramatically reduce dependence on external and unsustainably harvested firewood/charcoal sources on the long run, while offering other benefits as well.


Permaculture is a way of using the patterns and energy flows observed in natural ecosystems to ensure a more beneficial relationship between the land and people. A variety of practices are included within this field including regenerative agriculture, sustainable planning and design of integrated living and agricultural spaces which are usually also zero-waste or low-impact systems, rewilding, and fostering community resilience.

Natural Building Materials – Earth & Bamboo

We offer introductory and specialized workshops on:

  • Earth Building Materials & Techniques (rammed earth, adobe, earth bags, wattle&daub, cob) : advantages and applications of each in the local context, requirements, practical building of demo walls or structures (depending on course)
  • Intensive Course in Rammed Earth Construction (on-the-job training)
  • Bamboo as a Building Material: growing, propagation, harvest, treatment, structural attributes, applications, joinery
  • Natural Earthen Floors, Plasters & Finishes: different techniques to create beautiful, non-toxic, cost-competitive floors and finishes to walls and furniture

Agri-Processing Training and Collaborations

Agri-processing and the creation of higher value products is a key part of economic sustainability in Malawi. We support a variety of crafts businesses in the community. In collaboration with local partners we offer workshops in the use of organic produce for natural medicine ingredients and the creation of herbal products, extracts and natural soaps & cosmetics.

Collaborations Welcome!

We invite organisations interested in projects delivering nature based solutions. We welcome the chance to work with and support NGOs, educational organisations, companies and individuals.

Please contact us to explore how we can build a better world together via email.